December 23, 2011

On the night of December 20th, our Peace Corps community here suffered a terrible tragedy. A Moz 15er and 4 Moz 17ers were in a car accident in south Mozambique. While the 15er and two 17er’s were merely injured (albeit being medically evacuated to South Africa), two of the 17er’s died.

Having sworn in no more than two weeks before the accident, Lena Jenison and Alden Landis had not yet started teaching classes in their communities. Although I had never met them, it’s tragic to have lost two colleagues who certainly had personal goals and aspirations for their new Peace Corps assignments. I hope for comfort and support for friends and family of Lena and Alden through what must be a difficult holiday season for them.

As for my Christmas, I’ll be here at site, hanging out with a Mozambican friend for Christmas Eve tomorrow. On Christmas Day, my supervisor Alves invited me to his place to spend time with him and his family, so I’ll take him up on that and stop by. It should be a nice, low-key Christmas. Would love to spend the day with family, obviously, but it’s not like this is the first Christmas I’ve missed. I’m still looking very much forward to Mozambique Island for New Year’s Eve. It’ll be really nice to spend a few days with other volunteers, after all that’s happened lately.



2 Responses to “Tragedy”

  1. Mary-Janice Rodriguez said

    My heart is breaking for their families. That is certainly not what you expect when you send your children somewhere. Please stay safe!

  2. My prayers go out to their friends and families. I hope you had a good Christmas and have a fun New Years.

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